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Apple Hobbles Transmit iOS

Apple’s inscrutable policies have hobbled yet another great iOS app. Transmit iOS 1.1.1 can no longer send documents to other services due to Apple demanding that developer Panic remove the option to send a file to iCloud Drive. The problem is that iCloud Drive is built into the sharing sheet — with no way to remove just that option — so Panic had to disable the Send feature entirely. Apple told Panic that only content created inside an app can be uploaded to iCloud Drive, though no specific rule states that. [Update: Apple has reversed course and Transmit 1.1.2 can once again send documents to iCloud.]favicon follow link


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Duane Williams  2014-12-08 23:39
That is very strange, since one can drag and drop files into iCloud Drive on a Mac. I created a file in Terminal using the command 'echo "" > fubar' and then dragged it to iCloud Drive with no problems. iCloud Drive labeled it as a TextEdit document, but it was not created in that app.

One can also drag and drop applications from a Mac into iCloud Drive. Is there anything one can't drag and drop into iCloud Drive on a Mac?
Doug Kelley  2014-12-14 13:11
Transmit for iOS 1.1.2 restores the functionality:

Apparently Apple decided to be reasonable