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Dropbox Dropping Leopard

Bad news if you use Dropbox to sync with ancient Macs: Dropbox will no longer support Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as of 18 May 2015. Users will still be able to use the Dropbox Web interface, but the Dropbox app (and thus Finder integration) will no longer work.favicon follow link


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Dennis B. Swaney  2015-01-26 20:20
Asinine decision. OK, don't update features, etc. but at least let people still be able to connect via a the app.
Bruce Blakely  2015-01-27 14:29
Yeah - this is a little weird. I can understand not supporting 10.4/10. 5 under new releases, but unclear why they need to "turn it off" for 10.4/10.5. I assume that 10.4/10.5 relies on some service running on the Dropbox end that they want to turn off for security reasons.
More significant than the loss of 10.4/10.5 support per se is that this marks the end of PowerPC support. I doubt there are many Intel Macs in everyday use that are not on 10.6 at least.