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Jony Ive Profiled by The New Yorker

The New Yorker’s Ian Parker has written an exhaustive profile of Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple’s head of design. Set aside some time for this one, as it’s the very definition of a long read, but if you’re at all interested in Apple’s design process, it’s worth it. Two tidbits of note: Ive gave director J.J. Abrams some ideas for lightsaber designs for the upcoming Star Wars movie, and Ive goes on at length about car design, adding fuel to the rumors that Apple is working on one of its own.favicon follow link


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Andrew Edsor  2015-02-17 05:09
Very definitely well worth a read. By far the most informative and intriguing profile I've ever read about Jony Ive. The author interviewed umpteen people in the USA and UK from his dad to current and past colleagues. I'm not sure I would read too much into his opinions on car design, other than his excellent taste in having a Bentley Mulsanne as his own battle wagon!