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An Open Letter to Apple Watch Early Adopters

Developer Greg Pierce of Agile Tortoise has penned an open letter to Apple Watch early adopters, asking for patience. Pierce explains that most developers have yet even to see an Apple Watch, and those who have written apps already may have to retool them once they can be tested in the real world. Other developers may need some time to figure out the best way of extending their iOS apps to the Apple Watch, and some may decide that doing so doesn’t make sense at all. If you have specific requests, Pierce recommends contacting developers and politely letting them know what you’d like to see.favicon follow link


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Ginger Campbell  2015-04-10 10:27
I appreciate that the Apple watch represents an unique challenge for developers, but I am also excited to see what they will create. I hope they will find a way to make it easy for us early adopters (not buying the gold one, of course!) to send them feedback.