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Tinderbox 6.2

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Eastgate Systems has released Tinderbox 6.2 [1] with more than 100 improvements to the personal content assistant (see “Light Your Fire with Tinderbox [2],” 14 October 2002). The release adds the new Edicts feature, which enables you to specify housekeeping actions that do not need to be updated frequently (for example, occasionally archiving obsolete notes). It also adds several new Export tools that enable you to export files to a number of familiar formats, improves map performance (automatically hiding links in complex maps during scrolling to enhance performance), brings the capability to add tables and lists to the text pane, improves page-up/down scrolling in outlines, adds the capability to import .webarchive files, and adds autocompletion to the search field. ($249 new, free update, 45.3 MB, release notes [3], 10.8+)