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A Plea for Thicker Apple Devices

Every generation of Apple devices seems to get thinner. But developer Marco Arment wishes that Apple would consider thicker alternatives with better battery life. He imagines a beefier iPhone with up to 100 percent more battery life, full-size MacBook Pros with MacBook-class CPUs that could last up to 16 hours, and a 17-inch 4K Retina MacBook Pro.favicon follow link


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Susan Joseph  2015-04-19 10:22
I understand his concerns. For me, with physical challenges, lighter is better. It is weight I find relevant not size. However I find my newer devices to have livable battery life, although I am not a big iPhone user.
Mike Brown  2015-04-21 12:20
It would be nice to have a battery that lasted longer, but at least its better than it used to be a few years ago.

What I don't like is that the Macs are now getting so small that they are eliminating all the ports that made the computer more convenient to use. It wouldn't be as bad if they came out with smaller plugs but just to eliminate them and maybe force more dependance upon the internet and the cloud is going too far.
James Katt  2015-04-29 05:12
iPhone: If you want better battery life, the iPhone 6 Plus is fantastic. And Marco is wrong: the iPhone 6 Plus is not unwieldy at all. It is just the right size for most of China.

MacBooks: lighter is better for the vast majority. If you are a power user, you will carry an external 2-5 pound Lithium-Ion Battery or plug it to a wall.

Battery weight is easily externalized for the iPhone and MacBooks to an external battery for those who want the extra weight, like Marco.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2015-04-29 09:03
China's a big country and needs a big iPhone. :-)

I think some of the point is that Apple is large enough and is selling enough devices such that even minority needs are millions of people and thus worth meeting.