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Apple’s Networking Kerfuffle

Many Apple users have been experiencing networking problems, and developer Craig Hockenberry explains the cause in a profanity-laced tirade. The discoveryd service, introduced in OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8, is the root of the problems. Unfortunately, the more Apple devices you have on a network, the more likely it is that you will suffer these networking problems. So far, the only fix seems to be to reboot all of your Apple devices. If you have both an AirPort router and an Apple TV, you should turn off the Apple TV, reboot the router, and then turn the Apple TV back on.favicon follow link


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Michel Hedley  2015-05-07 22:25
Yet another example of crap software that Apple is producing these days. I was hoping that Ive might bring some reasonable standards (as per his hardware penchant) to the software when he took over. Does Apple read the complaints about its software on its website. I wish it would spend the time on fixing, or writing good, software instead of on iCloud.
Dennis B. Swaney  2015-05-11 20:50
No, Jony Ive is an outstanding HARDWARE designer but he sucks at software with iOS 7 & 8 being prime examples. Put someone else (preferably his predecessor) in charge of software and restrict Ive to hardware.
Steve Sorbo  2015-05-09 12:14
"OS X Redmond would be a nice homage." OUCH!
Ed Wood  2015-05-13 19:38
This story does it. I have only played with Yosemite on an old Mini that I no longer use. I almost installed it on my main machine But did not because some of the changes are too stupid to contemplate using. Now I am really glad .

Presonally, i feel that Apple software has been in decline for a long time, even before Jon Ive was put in charge, but at least we ultimately got fixes for most of them. Now Apple feels that they have so many hooked with tied together iphones, ipads and Macs that they need no longer fix these messes

apple should remember that " Pride goeth before a fall". If windows 10 turns out to be as good as advertized, a lot of people might be eying it once more.

Having just spent the better part of 4 days getting my wife's Wi-Fi connected printer running, she uses Yosemite, I just might be one. of them
Simon Woodward  2015-07-06 22:08
Hmm, Apple's networking problems seem to pre-date Yosemite even, as we certainly have been experiencing a myriad of issues due to frequently dropped connections, that quickly escalate from one machine, to crashing any or all of our ten mac minis on Mavericks, served off another mac mini running Mavericks Server.

After months of frustration and our IT guys trying all sorts of alternatives, by trawling of the web, we may have found a solution at the end of this thread:

And the patch available from here was initially thought to fix it, but a subsequent update tells otherwise.

Also, it seems that the problem persists within Yosemite, and that the most robust work-around is using a USB3.0 giganet to ethernet adapter like StarTech's