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FileMaker Pro/FileMaker Pro Advanced 14

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Apple-owned FileMaker Inc. [1] has updated its FileMaker Platform to version 14 with a number of new features [2] to streamline the venerable database software as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. FileMaker Pro [3] and FileMaker Pro Advanced [4] receive the new Script Workspace where you can create, edit, and view scripts and calculations in one spot, plus a redesigned FileMaker WebDirect that delivers a 25 percent speed boost and a redesigned toolbar that adapts to the screen size of users’ browsers on desktops or tablets. The release also adds a bevy of design tools that work across mobile and desktop user interfaces, the new Launch Center for quickly accessing all your databases, improvements to FileMaker Server 14 [5] that speed up recovery from a lost or unreliable network connection, and an updated user interface for the free FileMaker Go 14 [6] iOS app. You can upgrade [7] from FileMaker Pro 11, 12, or 13 to FileMaker Pro 14 for $196 and to FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 for $329 (upgrade eligibility from version 11 ends on 25 September, 2015). ($329/$549 new, paid upgrade, 420 MB, 10.9+)