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Taking OS X to Eleven

Over at Macworld, Jason Snell proposes dropping the “X” from OS X, and rebranding the Mac operating system as just “Mac OS.” Snell argues that unless Apple plans to run OS X on non-Mac devices, there’s no reason to not have “Mac” in the name. And dropping the “X” would give Mac OS the opportunity to push past the 10 version number before iOS 10 arrives.favicon follow link


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Susan Joseph  2015-05-15 19:09
Unless there's a really significant reason for a name change, I think it is a mistake. 1st, there are so many versions, it helps to say X.6.8, X.7, X.9,X.10 to determine what you're talking about. 2nd, a new name only adds a new level of confusion. Just my take.
David Weintraub  2015-05-18 16:23
The easiest way is to fess up and state that "X" doesn't stand for "10", but. it's just part of the OS name. It's no longer pronounced "Oh-Es-Ten", but Oh-Es-Ex" which is what 90% of the people call it anyway.

Then, just remove the "10" prefix from the revision number. The last major revision was OS X 9.4 and not OS X 10.9.4. The current version is OS X 10.4 and not OS X 10.10.4. The next major revision can now be OS X 11.0.