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Ted Landau Retires from Apple Writing

Our friend and colleague Ted Landau has announced that he no longer plans to write professionally, noting that the end of Macworld’s print version, and the closure of TUAW and his own MacFixIt (run by CNET), marks a torch-passing moment to younger journalists. Ted’s writing career dates back to the introduction of the Mac in the mid-1980s, and he’s been a fixture ever since, penning both articles for numerous Mac outlets and a variety of books (including the classic “Sad Macs, Bombs & Other Disasters” and one of the first titles about the iPhone, our “Take Control of Your iPhone”). We’d say that we’ll miss him, but we’re sure that Ted will still be popping up on Twitter when he’s not enjoying his time offline with his wife Naomi.favicon follow link


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Robert E. Hazard  An apple icon for a TidBITS Benefactor 2015-05-19 09:12
Hi Adam:

I have followed Ted's writings going back to my first Mac in 1985 when the Mac 512 came out. I helped found RIMac, the Rhode Island User Group as a satellite of the Boston Computer Society and I remember many of the olde magazines that we all read faithfully and I particularly remember relying on MacFixIt to get me out of a few jams with a Mac II. As I approach my 90th birthday, I have vivid memories of the past 30 years of Mac Computing and all that made the ubiquitous computer of today. I read your posts faithfully every day and week.
David Gustavson  2015-05-18 13:34
Congratulations and best wishes on your retirement! But sometimes I wish time would stop or at least slow down--it seems like we're losing too many stars long before I'm ready!
david cuddy  2015-05-18 13:35
I've never met Ted, but I feel like I know him since I've been reading his excellent articles, books, and MacFixIt tips for about 30 years. I learned a lot from his writings, and he solved many gnarly problems for me over the years. I hope Adam won't mind if I use these pixels to say THANKS on behalf of the Mac community with whom he's shared his expertise, and wish him well on his future endeavors.
Ted, I came to the Mac late in life, but I became addicted to all your writings. I've watched or listened to almost every podcast you have been on Most of what I learned about Apple products came from you.. I just hope that your retirement is as enjoyable as mine has been for the last eight years.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2015-05-19 09:13
It's lovely to see all these wonderful posts about how much Ted's writing has meant to members of the Mac community!