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Apple Bans the Confederate Battle Flag from the App Store

Apple has removed from the App Store any app that prominently features the Confederate battle flag (though a casual search revealed a few that Apple missed). The flag has been increasingly under fire in the wake of the racially motivated church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, and retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart have withdrawn sales of items depicting it. However, some say that Apple went too far, since the ban includes a number of Civil War games — some relied on by educators — that used the flag in an appropriate historical context.favicon follow link


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Josh Centers  2015-06-26 12:51
I've heard that Apple will make an exception for educational apps, but I have seen to see any of the banned games return to the App Store.
Dennis B. Swaney  2015-06-29 20:42
I have to laugh at the hysteria over a flag (and country) that only existed less than 4 years, yet absolutely nothing is said about a flag that represented a slave-holding country for almost 90 years!

Oh, what the majority of are calling "the Confederate Battle Flag" is NOT the Battle Flag. It is the 2nd Confederate States Navy Jack!

Battle flag: SQUARE with white or pink edging.

Naval jack: RECTANGULAR without edging.