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iTunes 12.2.1

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

While subscribers to Apple’s iTunes Match service may welcome the release of iTunes 12.2.1 [1], there are reasons to be wary. The release notes promise to fix a bug that incorrectly converted some songs from Matched to Apple Music — complete with a layer of DRM — as well as provide a path for correcting a library problem that affected former iTunes Match subscribers. However, Kirk McElhearn warns [2] that this update may not live up to its promise, as he is still experiencing iTunes Match tracks showing as Apple Music tracks (with DRM) as well as incorrect artwork. An Apple support document notes that you may need to “remove and download again any songs that were incorrectly downloaded as Apple Music.” The iTunes 12.2.1 release also includes unspecified bug fixes and improvements for the Beats 1 streaming radio station. (Free, 222 MB via direct download [3] or via Software Update, 10.7.5+)