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TiVo Adds AirPlay Support

TiVo has added AirPlay support to its iOS app, enabling owners of TiVo’s Roamio and Premiere DVRs to beam content to their Apple TVs. To try it out, bring up Control Center, activate AirPlay, select the Apple TV, enable mirroring, and then play a show from the My Shows section of the TiVo app.favicon follow link


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Ian Crew  2015-07-15 11:40
Does this also include support for the iOS-to-HDMI adapter? If so, that'll be really nice for travel: download a bunch of shows to my phone or iPad, and play them back on the TV in the hotel.
Josh Centers  2015-07-15 11:56
I'd have to contact TiVo to know for sure, but since the Lightning to HDMI adapter uses AirPlay internally, I would guess that it would work.
Timothy Kramer  2015-07-25 09:58
My TiVo is connect to the big screen using HDMI. Why would I use a ATV and IOS streaming? The better service it to stream from TiVo to my Ipad or to your desktop.