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Jim Dalrymple Recovers Most of His Music

We previously reported that Jim Dalrymple of The Loop publicly quit Apple Music after it ate a good chunk of his collection. The good news is that, with Apple’s help, he was able to recover much of his music. The problem turned out to be an interaction with iTunes Match. According to Apple, iTunes Match now shows only your purchased content if you turn off Apple Music and iCloud Music Library. Unfortunately, Dalrymple thinks he accidentally deleted about two hundred songs that he won’t be able to recover.favicon follow link


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Norm Beazer  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2015-07-27 23:41
And Mr Dalymple did not have a backup . . . he didn't have . . . he didn't ????
James Katt  2015-07-28 02:02
Yes. He Did Not Have A Backup. For a tech writer covering the Mac for years, that is a Mortal Sin. It is Unforgivable. It is stupendously idiotic. He did not even have a time machine backup. He was Flirting With Disaster, putting his Irreplaceable Files at risk - a Gamble he lost. If he had a backup he would Not have had his Public Baby Tantrum. He has lost my respect. You just don't do that. Get a backup for God's sake.
Waldova  2015-07-29 18:20
Agree. Also not that inspiring that he first touted Apple music as an amazing service...Jim needs to get back to actual reporting.