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QuarkXPosure Announced

by Geoff Duncan

QuarkXPosure Announced -- Brent Bossom <> wrote to let us know about the announcement of QuarkXPosure at Macworld Tokyo last month. Jointly developed by Quark and JVC (with the core technology originally developed under Unix by JVC), QuarkXPosure is an image-editing application that uses object-oriented databases to track editing operations. The idea is similar to styles in word processing, where styles can be applied, removed, saved, exported, etc., without changing the text. QuarkXPosure will enable users to add and remove operations performed on an image without changing the image itself, as well as separately save and store sets of operations so they can be repeatedly performed or shared with other users. QuarkXPosure is supposed to be very fast because it doesn't alter the image directly until changes are saved and because it runs exclusively on Power Macs. It has a number of unique features, plus compatibility with third-party plug-ins (such as Kai's Power Tools) and smooth integration with QuarkXPress. English and Japanese versions of QuarkXPosure should in late 1995, with world-wide pricing the same as that for QuarkXPress. [GD]