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System 7.5 Network Startup Disk

System 7.5 Network Startup Disk -- Apple's finally done what Macintosh network managers have been doing for years: created a DiskCopy image of a minimal startup disk that boots almost any Macintosh and puts it on a network. This disk will boot System 7.5 on any Mac introduced before Nov-94 that has a high density drive; it includes a Chooser and Network Control Panel and lets the machine connect to a LocalTalk or EtherTalk network. This disk may not do everything under the sun, but in a networked environment it's a good tool to have handy.

This URL is long, thanks to the naming scheme used on Apple's official support site. Be sure to remove line breaks when you use it! [GD] Apple.Software.Updates/Macintosh/ Utilities.Software/ Network.Access.Disk.7.5.sea.hqx


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