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ShrinkWrap Update

ShrinkWrap Update -- Some TidBITS readers were confused when the URL given for the disk-image utility ShrinkWrap 1.2 in TidBITS-260 seemed invalid. Turns out Chad Magendanz, ShrinkWrap's developer, has been especially ambitious lately, releasing new versions to add capabilities and fix a few problems. As of 06-Mar-95, the current version of ShrinkWrap is 1.3.1 and a correct URL is:

ftp://mirror.aol.com/pub/info-mac/disk/shrink- wrap-131.hqx

If this URL seems broken, you might check Info-Mac's /disk directory to see if a newer version has been uploaded in the last few minutes. These newer releases of ShrinkWrap have fixed the problem reported with MODE32, added a new Apple event suite for scripting ShrinkWrap (plus a gluefile for use with Frontier), included some new disk format and processing options, and feature "cool" new About box. [GD]


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