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Audio Hijack 3.2.1 and Airfoil 4.9.1

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Rogue Amoeba has released Audio Hijack 3.2 [1] with several VoiceOver refinements. The popular audio recording utility now automatically lists the VoiceOver and background apps in the Source selector when VoiceOver is running for easier selection, and several VoiceOver improvements have been made to the Source menu found in Application Blocks (such as properly reading the Source menu when tabbing to it). The release also updates the Instant On component to version 8.1.3 with full support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan, improves handling of missing audio devices (such as when devices are unplugged or when Sessions are imported from another machine), ensures that a Block stops entirely when it is turned off, and improves how Audio Hijack handles copied or imported sessions to avoid duplicate names.

Additionally, Airfoil 4.9.1 [2] has been released with the updated version 8.1.3 of the Instant On component (which fixes an extremely rare issue in Airfoil that could cause OS X’s coreaudiod to crash). It also corrects an issue where application icons in the Source menu could be pixelated. If you’re a TidBITS member [3], you can purchase these Rogue Amoeba products, as well as Fission, Piezo, and Nicecast, at a 20 percent discount. (Audio Hijack $49, 15.4 MB, release notes [4]; Airfoil, $29, 14.5 MB, release notes; all are free updates and require 10.9+)