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Tinderbox 6.3.2

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Eastgate Systems has released Tinderbox 6.3.2 [1] with a newly added built-in $Tags attribute (categorized under References), which can be used for free-form tagging of notes. The personal content assistant improves OPML importing from outliners and RSS readers, as well as importing spreadsheets (particularly those with long text fields). The update also makes several improvements to maps, including the capability to use left and right arrows to select the next and previous sibling of a selected note, correctly renders arrowheads on linear links, and ensures image adornments with transparent or translucent regions are no longer rendered opaque. The Roadmap is now available from the treemap contextual menu, and a torn-off Roadmap window automatically adjusts the width of its columns. ($249 new, free update, 48.8 MB, release notes [2], 10.8+)