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The Illustrated iTunes License Agreement

by Michael E. Cohen

If you have ever bought anything from the iTunes store, you have surely seen it before — at least the first couple of paragraphs if you haven’t bothered to scroll down in the dialog: the iTunes Terms and Conditions to which you have to agree before you can buy anything. It’s not the most gripping prose you’ll ever encounter, but artist R. Sikoryak nonetheless found it inspiring enough to make it into a graphic novel, “iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel [1].”

Currently comprising (as of this writing) 54 multiple panel pages drawn in the style of a variety of artists that includes Edward Gorey, Chester (“Dick Tracy”) Gould, Kate “Hark! A Vagrant [2]”) Beaton, Hank (“Dennis the Menace”) Ketcham, and Rube Goldberg, the terms and conditions appear as the narrative text for an ongoing action adventure story starring Steve Jobs (among others) in a variety of guises. The story begins at the very bottom of the Web page, so scroll all the way to the bottom and start reading to find out what you have agreed to as you attempt to unravel the story behind the story.

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