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OmniFocus 2.4

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

The Omni Group has released OmniFocus 2.4 [1] with a new, homegrown synchronization service: Omni Magic Push Service, or OMPS. OmniFocus for iOS [2] has been using silent push notifications to trigger syncs for some time, and OPMS matches what Apple provides in iOS to trigger syncs on the Mac. OmniFocus for iOS 2.6 or later should automatically tell OmniFocus for Mac to sync shortly after you make a change. (For more on OmniFocus sync history, check out this Omni Group blog post [3]; for a detailed technical breakdown, see this support article [4]).

OmniFocus 2.4 also brings a new Today option to Due Soon, which includes only items due before midnight and is now the default (though you can still reselect the 24 Hours option). Additionally, the Getting Things Done-inspired task management app ensures that pressing Backspace or Delete in an empty title in Quick Entry deletes the item (as it does in the main window), emulates the iOS color and urgency rules for items that are due soon but unavailable, fixes a bug where emoji would disappear from Action titles, increases the clickable area of the Note button in rows, and fixes a crash related to deleting attachments. ($39.99 new for Standard edition and $79.99 for Pro edition from The Omni Group Web site, $39.99 for Standard edition from Mac App Store [5] (with in-app purchase option to upgrade to Pro), 27.2 MB, release notes [6], 10.10+)