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iTunes Must Die: The Song (and Petition)

Over the years, we’ve shared numerous lamentations about the myriad problems with iTunes. The latest person to lend his voice — literally — to the cause is well-known author and musician Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus, who has recorded the song “iTunes Must Die” in conjunction with an “iTunes Must Die” petition. You can preview it for free on CD Baby, and if you want your own copy, it’s available for $0.99 from Amazon, CD Baby, and Google Play, though not yet from the iTunes Store. Hmm…favicon follow link


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John Hankwitz  2016-02-11 12:33
It's always sad to see people promoting their negative mental attitudes. If they don't like what they bought, switch to the competition. I have enough problems handling my own problems, and don't need to have their problems pushed onto me, let alone spending a buck to hear more about it.
boblevitus  2016-02-11 19:26
Oh John. But it's a great song -- it's got a terrific beat and you can dance to it! And there's no real competition to switch to... It's deeply ingrained in the OS and it's up to Apple to fix it.

Now will you sign my petition? :-)
John Cooper  2016-02-11 20:19
I've been using iTunes since version 1, and I've never had a serious problem with it. There! I said it! :)

Yeah, it's bloated and unnecessarily complicated and you should be able to tag songs with more than just a genre. On the other hand, I can instantly find any of my 11,761 songs, the smart playlists are awesome in their flexibility, and I've moved my library from Mac to PC and back over the years without losing any data. So I'm pretty happy with it.
Richard Theriault   2016-02-12 15:44
Bob has always been fun, but consider the duo of him and another well-known Mac musician/humorist: Imagine LeVitus and Pogue (or Pogue and LeVitus), in concert, so to speak! David has been known to opine about iTunes, too. It would surely be memorable.
boblevitus  2016-02-14 12:50
I did a show with Andy Ihnatko and Chris Breen (billed as the MacMania Trio) on a MacMania cruise once... And I played in the Macworld All Star Band with Dave Hamilton, Chris Breen, Bryan Chaffin, Chuck LaTournous, Paul Kent, and Duane Straub. But I've never appeared on the same stage as David for anything musical.

For what it's worth, I'd love that... If you've got Pogue's number, feel free to give him a call and suggest it!