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Piezo 1.5

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Rogue Amoeba has released Piezo 1.5 [1] with the addition of the Instant On component (also found in other Rogue Amoeba titles such as Audio Hijack [2] and Airfoil [3]), which enables the minimalist audio recording app to capture audio from already-running applications. Additionally, Rogue Amoeba has pulled Piezo from the Mac App Store due to Apple’s sandboxing limitations, which made Piezo less and less effective over time. (For more details on Piezo, see “Piezo Makes Audio Recording Dead Simple [4],” 8 December 2011.)

If you previously purchased Piezo from the Mac App Store, you can download it directly from the Rogue Amoeba Web site. The app will recognize Mac App Store buyers and will lead them through a brief, one-time migration process that provides a complimentary license key (make sure to get your license key before recording with Piezo). See this Rogue Amoeba blog post [5] for license migration instructions, as well as more background on Rogue Amoeba’s decision to leave the Mac App Store.

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Piezo 1.5 also improves VU meter animation and ensures that the Sparkle-powered software update mechanism runs securely over HTTPS. ($19 new, free update, 8.4 MB, release notes [7], 10.9+)