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Nisus Writer Pro 2.1.4

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Nisus Software has released Nisus Writer Pro 2.1.4 [1], closing a potential security risk in Sparkle (see “Sparkle Vulnerability Real, but Exploits Highly Unlikely [2],” 15 February 2016) and fixing a bug introduced in the previous version that prevented list items from updating with the correct formatting. The powerful word processor now ensures that macros relying upon English menu titles work when using a non-English localization, fixes a crash that occurred when importing documents with footnotes/endnotes inside table cells, and fixes a bug that prevented links from being added to PDFs saved to any drive other than the startup drive. ($79 new from Nisus Software and the Mac App Store [3], free update, 222 MB, release notes [4], 10.8.5+)