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Airfoil 5.0.2

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Rogue Amoeba has released Airfoil 5.0.2 [1], a maintenance release for the recently upgraded wireless audio broadcasting app (see “Airfoil 5.0 [2],” 18 February 2016). The update improves handling of sync adjustments in the Advanced Speaker Options window (which may require a one-time readjustment of these settings), avoids audio and networking issues caused by App Nap, fixes a bug where sync adjustments for the Computer output were forgotten, deselects the defunct Airfoil Video Player app if it’s selected from a previous version, and puts a stop to “needlessly” displaying a warning when an active Bluetooth speaker disconnects from your Mac. ($29 new with a 20 percent discount for TidBITS members [3], $15 upgrade, 13.9 MB, release notes [4], 10.9+)