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OmniFocus 2.5

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

The Omni Group has released OmniFocus 2.5 [1] with the addition of the new Style preference pane, which enables you to create styles from built-in font and color collections or from imported styles. The Getting Things Done-inspired task management app also adds a quiescence timer that monitors activity so that OmniFocus can block integrating sync changes while you are actively typing, italicizes inherited dates to differentiate them from explicitly set dates, fixes a bug that temporarily rearranged the order of Projects, ensures compatibility with TextExpander for filling in snippets in the sidebar, and ensures Inspector text fields retain focus when switching between applications. ($39.99 new for Standard edition and $79.99 for Pro edition from The Omni Group Web site, $39.99 for Standard edition from Mac App Store [2] (with in-app purchase option to upgrade to Pro), 27.6 MB, release notes [3], 10.10+)