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Slack for Mac 2.0.3

by Agen G. N. Schmitz

Slack [1] has released version 2.0.3 of its Mac desktop client with a resolution to the app forgetting some of your teams after a crash and fixes for problems that have affected the sign-in process for some users of the group messaging system and productivity tool. The energetically written release notes (see more about how the Slack team approaches writing release notes [2]) also include this nugget:

There was an understandable backlash to the backslash that attached itself to the front of single or double quotes when replying to notifications, so we took that slapdash backslash and burned it like the bug it was.

Learn more about Slack from Glenn Fleishman’s recently released “Take Control of Slack Basics [3]” and “Take Control of Slack Admin [4].” If you’re just coming to Slack, be sure to read Glenn’s “Take Control of Slack Basics: Chapter 2, Get Started with Slack [5]” (9 March 2016), which we published as a pre-release chapter (with subsequent chapters available to TidBITS members [6]). (Free from Slack [7] and the Mac App Store, 22.2 MB, 10.9+)