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NASA Delights Space Geeks with New Apple TV App

Apple TV-owning NASA nerds, rejoice. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has launched a free app that is sure to keep space geeks busy for weeks.

The new NASA app for the fourth-generation Apple TV is jammed with somewhat disorganized content broken up into a few sections:

  • Still images: The Images section is a smorgasbord of planetary and stellar photos, terrestrial imagery of astronomical installations and natural phenomena, insider shots of astronaut teams and mission-prep facilities, and more. The separate Earth As Art section shows wildly colorful pictures of our home planet, all shot from space. In all, the app boasts more than 15,000 images.

  • Video and audio: The NASA TV section provides two TV feeds along with a live Earth view via a camera on the International Space Station. The Videos section has more shows, including the likes of “This Week @NASA” and “NASA ScienceCasts.” There is even a “Third Rock Radio” feed (apparently originating on the ISS) with pop tunes such as the Gorillaz’s “Feel Good Inc.”

  • Database: The Missions section covers the agency’s various spacefaring and terrestrial adventures (you’ll be surprised at how many of these exist), with text summaries and photo collections.

  • Other features: The NASA app offers a few more goodies, including 2D and 3D satellite tracking maps, along with a calendar of ISS and satellite pass-overs based on your geographical location.

The NASA app is also available for iOS and Android devices, but it’s a great experience on the big screen.

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