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Newton Web Browser; Dell at Macworld

Mike Cohen <isis@netcom.com> writes in regard to the Newton Web browser and the Windows 95 presence at Macworld in TidBITS-258:

I saw AllPen's Newton Web browser at the Newton VAR show in Cupertino on Thursday and at Digital Ocean's booth at Macworld. It requires a Mac-based server, since current Newtons don't support TCP/IP or even SLIP or PPP. Even on a small Newton, it's pretty neat. Unfortunately, the older sample version (local only with a few built-in pages) doesn't properly recognize my 110's screen size.

Also, in regard to Dell's presence at Macworld, Dell was showing a $4,000 development system "especially for Mac developers doing Windows 95 development." It was part of the push to lure Mac developers to the Windows world. They also advertise it in Microsoft's four-page ad in the new issue of MacTech.

We don't plan to do any Windows development (other than providing connectivity for our Newton data collection software) since it just doesn't pay. Several developers posted similar concerns on <comp.sys.mac.advocacy> noting that, even though there are ten times as many Windows systems, the amount of software sold is only about twice the amount sold for the Mac. Since more tech support is needed for Windows, developing for Windows can actually be less profitable.


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