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Alton Brown’s Latest Cookbook Photos Shot with an iPhone

Cookbooks often feature elaborately staged food photography designed to make the recipes seem as compelling as possible, which is why it’s notable that the photos in Alton Brown’s latest cookbook were shot with an iPhone 6s Plus. The “Good Eats” host’s latest project is EveryDayCook, a cookbook featuring recipes he regularly prepares for himself. In the preface, Brown explained that all the photography for the book was shot with an iPhone because he’s “a bit of a control freak.” Aren’t we all?favicon follow link


Comments about Alton Brown’s Latest Cookbook Photos Shot with an iPhone
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Alan Sanders  2016-10-13 23:27
Why on Earth would a "control freak" want to use an iPhone to take photos? The iPhone gives photographers less control over their photos than even the cheapest pocket camera!
David  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2016-10-15 17:23
Because then he could take the photos himself instead of hiving them out to a photographer?