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Amazon Announces Grocery Stores without Cashiers

Amazon has announced Amazon Go, an 1800-foot concept store that sells groceries and pre-made eats. What’s innovative about Amazon Go is that there are no cashiers — register your phone when you walk in, and Amazon will bill your account for what you walk out with, thanks to an artificial intelligence technology Amazon has dubbed “Just Walk Out.” There is one store featuring this technology now — in Seattle, of course — but it’s currently open only to select Amazon employees. Amazon plans to open the pilot store up to the public in early 2017. This technology has the potential to revolutionize retail (and employment), but it will be interesting to see how Amazon deals with accidental purchases, customer service, inventory shrink, and returns.favicon follow link


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Dave Kitabjian  2016-12-14 22:46
Yes, very excited about getting one of these stores local someday!

I will suggest changing the title from "without Cashiers" to "without Checkout". Home Depot and many supermarkets have self-checkout which have no cashiers. But Amazon is revolutionary in that there is no checkout at all! You point this out in the article; I'd just fix the title.