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iTunes 12.6.1

Apple has issued iTunes 12.6.1, which includes unspecified “minor app and performance improvements.” If you see any changes in user interface or behavior, let us know in the comments. In related news, Microsoft’s Build conference announced that Apple would make iTunes and Apple Music available on Windows 10 S via the Windows Store by the end of this year (see this Ars Technica article for more details). (Free, 270 MB via direct download or Software Update, release notes, 10.9.5+)


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Comments about iTunes 12.6.1
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Anonymous  2017-05-21 16:57
after over two years, itunes no longer automagically rates my albums for me. i filed #23003546 on 06oct15, immediately closed as a duplicate of
#6171846. apparently #6171846 is still open but i've restarted itunes several times just for grins and the automagic ratings have not occurred.
hjtromp  2017-05-23 06:20
12.6.1 adds the column 'iCloud download' to all list views. Grrrr
I have iTunes as a result of recent OS X 10.12.5 update. No issues at the moment. Used the combo updater to leapfrog to 10.12.5 after two APP STORE updates to 10.12.4 produced kernel panics on startup! Reverted to 10.12.3 from backup and waited until 10.12.5 was available. Not used to problems like this from Apple. No matter what you are updating..MAKE A BACKUP first to avoid big trouble when failure occurs!