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Caboodle 2.0.3

Before Dawn Solutions has released Caboodle 2.0, a major new release for the snippet keeper app that’s now under new ownership. Before its acquisition, Caboodle was developed by Dejal Systems.

In addition to a redesign to give the app a more modern look, Caboodle 2 now supports multiple documents, enables files to be saved on and shared from Dropbox and iCloud Drive, adds draggable custom fields, brings Spotlight system-wide searching, and improves data format storage (using a package containing standard rich text documents). The release also reimplements the auto-launch preference to work with OS X 10.10 Yosemite and later and adds a text format bar below the window toolbar that includes font, styles, colors, lists, and more.

Shortly after the 2.0 release, Before Dawn Solutions issued Caboodle 2.0.1 to resolve issues with the updater and fix a bug that prevented files from being opened from the Finder (including the license file). Then a quick 2.0.3 release fixed the Print to Caboodle” workflow for other apps and added drag-and-drop support for PDF, RTF, HTML, and text files.

Caboodle 2 will open existing data from Dejal’s Caboodle 1. Regularly priced at $19.99, Caboodle 2 is available via the Mac App Store at a special upgrade price of $12.99 for a limited time. Plus, a free 14-day trial is available from the Before Dawn Solutions Web site. ($19.99 new, 6.7 MB, release notes, 10.10+)


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