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The Rock X Siri: Don’t Try This At Home

Want to see how well Siri works when it’s backed up by a full team of video production editors? Apple has produced an amusing “film” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in which he manages to use Siri repeatedly while doing everyday made-up movie star stuff. We believe all the actual Siri commands he issues could work, although many would require that the iPhone be unlocked. And when we tried to duplicate his commands, Siri failed to understand our words much of the time. Happily, when Siri misheard “read my last email” as “delete my email,” we learned that Siri isn’t allowed to delete emails. Which is a good thing.favicon follow link


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David Weintraub  2017-07-25 10:38
Except for the fact that The Rock used Siri in outer space where I'm sure the WiFi signal would be weak (plus, he's wearing a helmet), he didn't use any Siri commands I hadn't used before. He looked at his list, he created a list, he added to the list, he Face Timed. He called a Lyft. As for the phone being "unlocked", he is holding the phone in his hand, and could have used the fingerprint sensor, or being The Rock, he believes he doesn't need to bother to lock his phone because no one in their right mind would attempt to steal it.

Even the fact Siri called him "Bald and Beautiful" Is something I've done. Once on a friend's iPhone, I told Siri "From now on call me 'You gorgeous hunk of man meat, you'". When my friend set a reminder, Siri would occasionally reply "I'll remind you, 'You gorgeous hunk of man meat, you'". Originally, I didn't know it worked or not (since Siri only uses your name occasionally). However, he did come by about a month later asking me if I knew how to solve this problem.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2017-07-25 10:57
If you have Touch ID on, you can only select Immediately for when the iPhone auto-locks. But of course, he could have turned Touch ID off too...
xairbusdriver  2017-07-25 16:04
I don't "get it"; just showing my age, or hat I don't "get out' enough or that I don't watch commercial TV enough. Is the vid a commercial for Apple/Siri or for the 'star'?

BTW, what do you mean with "auto-locks" can only select immediate when Siri is on? On my iPhone 7, Siri enabled, I still show and select all the times. Must be a setting somewhere else. I need to "get out" more! 8+| LOL!