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T-Mobile to Include Netflix for Free on Family Plans

T-Mobile has announced that, starting 12 September 2017, customers with two or more lines will get Netflix Standard for free — a $9.99 per month value. The Netflix Standard plan lets you stream on up to two devices at once in HD resolution. Is there any limit to T-Mobile’s aggressive pricing? In any case, the fierce competition that CEO John Legere is bringing to the mobile space continues to be fun to watch.favicon follow link


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Peter Sichel  2017-09-13 08:21
T-Mobile only includes Netflix for "T-Mobile One" plans with two or more lines. "Simple Choice" family plans do not qualify.

What's the difference?

4 lines on the Simple Choice plan is $100 per month but does not include taxes and fees (about $35).

4 lines on the T-Mobile One plan is $160 per month including taxes and fees. So for about $25 more per month, they include "unlimited" high speed data and free Netflix. Few users actually need unlimited data, but including free Netflix sweetens the deal.