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Apple Configurator 2.5

Apple has released Apple Configurator 2.5, the latest version of the Mac utility that schools and businesses can use to manage and deploy software to multiple iOS and tvOS devices. The update provides provisional capabilities for adding devices to the Device Enrollment Program, can preserve a data plan when erasing a device, adds a new tvOS payload for AirPlay Incoming Security, and provides support for configuring tvOS devices running tvOS 11 on the local network subnet. It also adds new profile payloads and restrictions for iOS, including Restrict VPN Creation, AirPrint Security, DNS Proxy, and Managed class behavior on supervised student devices for Classroom. Apple Configurator 2.5 now requires macOS 10.12.5 Sierra and works with iOS 7 and later, although some features require iOS 11 or tvOS 11. (Free, 65.6 MB, release notes, 10.12.5+)


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And it is needed to reset AppleTV4k, since it allows the Connection over the LAN Port, as long as both Devices (Mac with Configurator 2.5 & AppleTV4k) are on the same Network