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MacWEEK Internet Addresses

Ric Ford <ric_ford@macweek.ziff.com> writes:

It seemed odd to mention MacUser in TidBITS-231 and ignore MacWEEK, when MacWEEK has had Internet email addresses for a long time. You can send email to MacWEEK via the Internet for letters at <letters@macweek.ziff.com>, for Mac the Knife at <mac_the_knife@macweek.ziff.com> and for individual staff members at <any_staff_members_name@macweek.ziff.com>, such as my address, <mark_hall@macweek.ziff.com>, and <henry_norr@macweek.ziff.com>.

[No slight to MacWEEK was intended of course - we were simply responding to the announcement of the MacUser address. To be fair, then, if other Macintosh or Internet publications (since those are our main topics) wish to send us Internet addresses where readers can reach them, we'll be happy to compose a list for a future issue. -Adam]


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