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Move the Dock Quickly

You may find it convenient to move the position of the Dock when working in certain programs or with certain files. Rather than choosing a different position from the Dock preferences pane or using a submenu in the Apple menu's Dock submenu, you can move your Dock to a different screen edge merely by Shift-dragging the separator that divides the application and document sections.

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Ultimate Responsibility

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Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers

Even if the clever folks at Delta Tao Software didn't create such wonderful software, we'd could cheer the ecological responsibility they display by selling their software not only without styrofoam filler, but also without a box. But they DO create wonderful software, such as Spaceward Ho!, Color MacCheese, and the latest example - Eric's Ultimate Solitaire, a collection of seventeen popular solitaire games and variations.

Why seventeen? "Because that's how many fit in the menu on a Mac Plus without scrolling," says the documentation. Fair enough!

As always, we're impressed with the elegant simplicity of Delta Tao's software and the wit strewn through the documentation. Ultimate (Delta Tao's shorthand name for the product) is easy to use. We suspect that, like Othello, although each takes a minute to learn, some variations take a lifetime to master.

Although it's neat that each game has its own playing card artwork, we must note that we're more taken by the basic card design of Solitaire Till Dawn, the multi-game solitaire program by Rick Holzgrafe of Semicolon Software (also famous for Scarab of Ra, Applicon, and SignatureQuote). STD's cards also look better on black and white or grayscale displays.

One nice touch is that Ultimate saves users precious mouse movements by allowing a casual "toss" to move a card instead of requiring a laborious effort to move the card to its final destination. Ultimate's "Intellitaire" feature alleviates frustration by suggesting strategies, making obvious moves for the user, and creating "always winnable" games on demand. Happily, this feature may be turned off for those who prefer the challenge.

Eric Snider, Ultimate's author, is the younger brother of David Snider, the author of such popular Apple II software as David's Midnight Magic and Serpentine. Obviously David's talent has rubbed off on his little brother!

Eric's Ultimate Solitaire retails for $59, and is available from dealers and from mail-order houses other than MacWarehouse, for about $40. It is available directly from Delta Tao as well.

Delta Tao Software -- 800/827-9316 -- 408/730-9336
408/730-9337 (fax) --

Solitaire Till Dawn is $25 in the U.S., $30 for Canada and Mexico, and $35 overseas. (Add sales tax in California.) You can FTP a demo version from <> (in /mac/game/demo at last check). Or, simply place your order by sending Semicolon Software a check or money order in U.S. funds, with your name and mailing address, and a note requesting Solitaire Till Dawn.

Semicolon Software
P. O. Box 371
Cupertino, CA 95015-0371 USA
-- Information from:
Delta Tao propaganda
Joe Williams, Delta Tao Software --
Rick Holzgrafe, Semicolon Software --


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