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Avoid Naming Pear Note Files

If you create a lot of documents, coming up with a name for them can sometimes be a hassle. This is especially true now that search is becoming a more prevalent way to find documents. Pear Note provides a way to have the application automatically generate a filename so you can avoid this hassle. To use this:

  1. Open Saving under Pear Note's preferences.
  2. Select a default save location.
  3. Select a default save name template (Pear Note's help documents all the fields that can be automatically filled in).
  4. Check the box stating that Command-S saves without prompting.
  5. If you decide you want to name a particular note later, just use Save As... instead.

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Computer Literacy Comes of Teen-Age

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Flower Power, Jefferson Airplane, hot tubs, Apple, and now this. Northern Californians should be made liable for additional taxes for, in our galaxy, the unique privilege of having the Computer Literacy Bookshops (CLB) in their own backyard. The CLB are the only major computer and technology bookstores accessible globally via Internet email for information and book orders. Perhaps this doesn't sound like much to U.S. residents of large cities where there may be other equally well-stocked outlets for current computer literature. For non-U.S. researchers the CLB may be the first and last resort for books not otherwise available. And now they're celebrating a 10th anniversary with a program that could easily put any major computer-scientific conference to shame.

Indeed, as Gene Miya recently summed it up on the net: "People have flown in thousands of miles to attend Comp Lit events to hear notables from Don Knuth and Gene Amdahl to Cliff Stoll. Not to mention that every one of us who first walked into the place spent $300 in less than a hour of browsing: finding classics, finding the latest computation books on some subject."

Enough hype; here are the highlights of CLB's 10th Anniversary events next week - space doesn't permit publishing the full program but those of you with access to Usenet may be able to look in rec.arts.books/ for Gene Miya's recent article with Message-ID: <>, or request it directly from CLB.

Computer Literacy Bookshops 10th Anniversary Events

Sun, Mar 21 - Virtual Reality Day, many attractions
Mon, Mar 22 - Animation Night, many attractions
Tue, Mar 23 - Unix Night, many attractions
Wed, Mar 24 - Object-Oriented Night, many attractions
Thu, Mar 25 - Chip Night (Intel 486 architecture)
Fri, Mar 26 - Bonus Day (value pack for all purchases over $70)
Sat, Mar 27 - Windows Day
Sun, Mar 28 - Multimedia Day - "Come, Human, Spin In My Web!"
Mon, Mar 29 - 10 Percent Off Day (in all 3 stores; in-person sales only)
Tue, Mar 30 - "Things That Make Us Smart," book and talk by Don Norman

Each day there are giveaways from major book and software publishers and CLB offers 10 percent off on that day's topics and related literature.

  • Please note: all events take place at:

Computer Literacy Bookshops, Inc.
2590 North First St. (at Trimble Road)
San Jose, CA 95131

Information from:
Eugene N. Miya --


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