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World Trade Center Offer

Here's a neat offer. MBS Technologies, makers of FileRunner file synchronization software for MacOS and DOS, is offering free copies of FileRunner to companies whose operations were disrupted by the World Trade Center bombing. The offer lasts for 60 days, so if you know of any bombed-out businesses that could use file synchronization software, have them call MBS.

I haven't seen FileRunner, but I gather it targets using removable media for file synchronization. This facilitates synchronizing machines when you use SneakerNet, and it makes it possible to easily synchronize more than two machines. These features would make FileRunner especially helpful to companies setting up temporary offices or for people who have to work at home temporarily.

MBS Technologies -- 800/860-8700 -- 412/941-9076
412/941-7076 (fax)

Information from:
MBS propaganda


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