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Wake On Demand in Snow Leopard

Putting your Mac to sleep saves power, but it also disrupts using your Mac as a file server, among other purposes. Wake on Demand in Snow Leopard works in conjunction with an Apple base station to continue announcing Bonjour services that the sleeping computer offers.

While the requirements for this feature are complex, eligible users can toggle this feature in the Energy Saver preference pane. It's labeled Wake on Network Access for computers that can be roused either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet; Wake on Ethernet Network Access or Wake on AirPort Network Access for wired- or wireless-only machines, respectively. Uncheck the box to disable this feature.

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Doug McLean


Compatibility Checker 2.0

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I tried out the new Compatibility Checker 2.0 (now on and it looks nice. Good interface, and it is now a self-standing application, rather than a HyperCard stack. I did notice in the "Move these items from the System Folder" portion that the color small icons used in the list were garbled (but not those for which there was only a black and white icon).

A few interesting and rather amusing things came up in the resulting compatibility check:

     Adobe Type Manager   Version 2.0.3 from: Adobe Systems, Inc.

Is it? Does ATM 2.0.3 know to use the new Fonts folder? Somehow I doubt it.

     AppleScan   Version 1.0.2 from: Apple Computer, Inc.
                 This software is obsolete when used with System 7.1.
                 You can safely throw this software in the trash.

What? Is AppleScan built into System 7.1? I doubt that. This is like saying that when you buy a new desk you can toss the tape dispenser, because it isn't new like the desk.

     AutoExtractor File        Version 1.30 from: Cyclos
                               Incompatible: need to upgrade

The file in question was a Compact Pro self-extracting archive - how do I upgrade a .sea archive downloaded from sumex?

     MacTCP/MacTCP Token Ring  Version 1.1.1 from: Apple Computer.
                               Compatible except for the following
                               limitations: This software works with
                               System 7.1 but the vendor recommends
                               that it be upgraded.

But, but -- this is the latest version! Do we now need

     MODE32   Version 1.2 from: Compatibility information
                                currently unavailable
              This software may cause problems after you install
              System 7.1. You should move it out of the System
              Folder before you install System 7.1.
              Compatibility information currently unavailable

This is what everyone has been discussing. Doesn't look good when Apple doesn't know who they got MODE32 from, at the very least.

     Optix    Version 2.0.1 from: Blueridge Technologies, Inc.
              Incompatible: need to upgrade
              The latest version of this software is version 3.0;
              it is available from Blueridge Technologies, Inc.
              (Named "PixelPaint Pro" on the disk "Big Mac")

I guess SuperMac finally found a buyer. Anyone else hear anything about this? Is Optix 3.0 a shipping product? Did I miss an upgrade notice? I'll try to get the time to call Blueridge about this one later.

     PrintDEX II   Version 4.1 from: Casady & Greene, Inc.
                   (Named "Font/DA Mover" on the disk "Other")

No, I don't have PrintDEX, nor do I give things the wrong names. Is this a mix up, or does PrintDEX actually use the creator type 'DMOV', which is that used by Font/DA Mover? Naughty, naughty C&G, if such is the case.

     Scanner Driver   Version 1.0.1 from: Apple Computer, Inc.
                      This software may cause problems after you
                      install System 7.1.  You should move it out
                      of the System Folder before you install
                      System 7.1.
                      Incompatible: need to upgrade

I guess this only makes sense, if the AppleScan software is obsolete. But why should I need to upgrade if AppleScan is dead? They are probably trying to force everyone to switch to Ofoto by making everything else not work. :-)

[Just a note for Word users: the Compatibility Checker incorrectly flags several Word 5.x-related items as incompatible. Just leave those items alone, since they won't cause incompatibility problems. -Tonya]


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