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Export Word 2008's Audio Notes to Your iPod

You can use Word 2008's Notebook Layout View to take notes and record audio for lectures. Choose View > Notebook Layout View. Click the Audio icon in the Notebook Layout toolbar and then adjust the input volume and click the round recording button. Any notes you type while recording audio are coordinated with the audio. Sync your notes to your iPod for on-the-go studying. Choose Tools > Audio Notes > Export Audio. Save the file to your iTunes music folder.

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Tune-Up 1.1, Just Get It

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Apple released version 1.1 of the System 7 Tune-Up extension last week, and they strongly recommend that everyone using System 7.0 or 7.0.1 use it. Tune-Up 1.1 replaces version 1.0, and you do not have to install 1.0 before 1.1 or anything strange like that. Simply get a copy of Tune-Up 1.1 from your dealer, an online service, or a user group that distributes Apple software, and run the installer.

Tune-Up 1.1 includes a new preventative fix for the extremely unpleasant disappearing files bug that has apparently lurked in the System for many years but only appeared under System 7. Unfortunately, it will NOT fix the disappearing files bug if your hard disk is already affected, but Apple is working on a new version of Disk First Aid to detect and solve this problem. Read the installation instructions on the Tune-Up 1.1 disk for more detailed information on how to determine if your disk has been affected by the bug (missing files and folders are also a good clue :-)).

The entire Tune-Up package includes a new System 7.0 Tuner 1.1 extension and a new version of the LaserWriter driver, version 7.1.1. It also comes with two files that have not changed from Tune-Up 1.0 - the StyleWriter driver 7.2.2 and Chooser 7.1.

The LaserWriter driver 7.1.1 has three significant changes. First, it includes support for the new Personal LaserWriter NTR. Second, it fixes a compatibility problem between the previous version of the driver and the LaserWriter Plus. This problem manifested itself by forcing users to reinitialize the printer after every eighth print job. Third, the new driver fixes a problem that caused PostScript errors to occur under certain conditions when printing TrueType fonts. (It was probably a practical joke from Adobe. :-)) Apparently some third party printers using PostScript-clone interpreters have also had problems with the previous LaserWriter driver, but that's the fault of the PostScript clones and Apple is working with those companies to fix the problem separately.

You can tell if you are working on a Tuned System by looking for a bullet after the System Software version number in the About This Macintosh dialog box. To find out the Tune-Up version you must do a Get Info on the Tuner extension itself. One other note about the Tuner extension - as long as the Tuner extension is in the Extensions folder, booting with the Shift key held down does not disable the fix for the disappearing files. So make sure you leave that extension where the installer puts it, but don't worry if you have to boot without extensions for testing purposes.

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Mark B. Johnson --
System 7 Tune-Up 1.1 documentation


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