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by Adam C. Engst

Again, from Mark H. Anbinder.

On page 97 of the Macintosh User's Guide for PowerBook computers, there is an illustration showing how to insert a battery into the PowerBook 140/170 recharger. The illustration is incorrect. The battery should be turned around so that the brass contacts on the battery meet with the brass contacts inside of the recharger unit.

When the battery is inserted according to the illustration, the charge light will not come on, indicating a defective battery or the charger not plugged in. When the battery is plugged in correctly, there should be either a yellow light indicating that the battery is charging or a green light indicating that the battery is charged and ready for use.

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J&R Superstore Rumor -- We've heard from a usually well-connected source that New York City's J&R Music World, one of the biggest consumer electronics discounters, has just "acquired" the entire Macintosh-oriented staff of the Mac Emporium, one of the big Apple dealers in NYC. Apparently J&R plans to offer Macs at superstore pricing and still provide a competent level of support, unlike many of the businesses trying the superstore approach. It will be interesting to see if indeed this is true, and if J&R will manage to combine the benefits of dealer service with the superstore pricing structure.

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