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Cull Graphics Quickly with Preview

You're faced with a folder full of images, and you need to sort through them, trashing some number and keeping the rest. For a quick way to do that, select them all, and open them in Preview (in Leopard, at least). You'll get a single window with each graphic as an item in the drawer. Use the arrow keys to move from image to image, and when you see one you want to trash, press Command-Delete to move it from its source folder to the Finder's Trash. (Delete by itself just removes the picture from Preview's drawer.)


Three Small Updates

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These aren't the exciting ones that promise great features that you would have given your first born for. No, these are the little ones, the updates that you need because otherwise you'll be irritated for the rest of the week because your new program isn't working quite right.

The first and most important update is to QuicKeys 2. This update to 2.01 fixes a couple of irritating bugs, including one that made the timed QuicKeys go off at random intervals (that happened to me and was extremely frustrating "No I didn't want to run QuickMail Administrator right now. Stop it!"). The update also includes an Extension Manager, which isn't much different from the Font/DA Mover in interface and which allows you to manage the QuicKeys Extensions that are one of the major new features of QuicKeys 2. All in all, this upgrade is a must have. It's definitely available from America Online in CE Software's forum in Industry Connection and the Utilities forum, but I don't know about the various other online services and the Internet.

The second update is for Super Boomerang, which registered users of the shareware Boomerang and the commercial Now Utilities will want. The updater works with version 2.0 and 2.0.1 and takes them to 2.0.2. The major bugs that were fixed in 2.0.2 include a problem with loading under 6.0.2; the numbers of permanent and temporary files weren't correctly displayed in 6.0.4 and earlier Systems; the assignment of the Group folder didn't work as documented; and in some programs, such as DeskPaint, the Save dialog didn't show up properly. Again, this is a recommended upgrade if you've been having any troubles with Boomerang at all. It is also available from America Online, and probably some other places that I don't know about yet.

The third upgrade I haven't seen quite yet since it's downloading in the background as I type. It updates Nisus 3.01 to 3.04 and the only feature that I know has been added is support for printing every other page of a document, which is useful for double-sided printing. The Nisus update is available via anonymous FTP at in the pub/tmp/NisusUpdate/ directory. There are five files that have been created with StuffIt 1.5.1 and then binhexed. Just download them, debinhex them, and then use StuffIt's Join... command to put them together. Jon Matousek warns that you must update an exact copy of 3.01, so copy 3.01 from your original master disks and work on those files.

These are all free updates, which is as bug fixes should be. I would suspect that calling the company would be another way to get the upgrade, though they might charge you $5 or $10 for shipping and handling then. Still, buggy software is a pain and these updates could make your life a bit easier.

CE Software -- 515/224-1995
Now Software -- 800/237-3611
Paragon Concepts -- 800/922-2993 -- 619/481-1477

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Adam C. Engst -- TidBITS Editor
Jon Matousek --

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