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Netscape Navigator 4.03.1 Released

Netscape Communications has released version 4.03.1 of the stand-alone version of Netscape Navigator (not Communicator, there is no Netscape Communicator 4.03.1). Changes include the addition of the New Window with this Link command, support for the Internet Config-defined helper applications for news and mailto URLs, and several other minor installer and interface tweaks. Directory and file names aren't changing for this version - the only way to identify the new version is by the date, which should be 9/9/97. The download is available in BinHex (7883K) and MacBinary (5803K) formats. This version is the 40-bit encryption version that can be exported; the 128-bit encryption version for U.S. users will reportedly be available on Netscape's Web site in several days.


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