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Rumors Flying, Beware Shrapnel

Rumors have been flying fast and furious today, but there's little confirmation for most. The preponderance of rumors would seem to indicate that Apple is taking everything a day at a time, rather than proceeding along a carefully thought-out path. Take all of these rumors with more than a grain of salt.

  • A report on MacInTouch claims that HP will no longer produce Apple- or HP-labelled printers that work with Macs.

  • A contested rumor on MacInTouch has Motorola ceasing to supply PowerPC microprocessors to Apple within the next year. This makes little sense to us since it would indicate that Apple would cease to make Macs entirely, and if so, why buy Power's Mac assets?

  • Another source reports that Apple is considering additional massive layoffs, of up to 5,000 employees. If true, this rumor conflicts with a recent large increase in Apple internal job postings along with an increase in the headhunter fee for Apple employees who find new hires. More indication that Apple is flying blind?


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