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Umbrage -- In introducing our first issue, we mentioned the demise of the print versions of Web Developer and NetGuide magazines. The editor in chief of Web Developer and a CMP (NetGuide's parent publication) staffer wrote in to take some umbrage at the characterization of the publications' Web presence. We miss both print publications and use both online sites, and we regret not saying that as clearly as we would have liked.

David Fiedler, Web Developer's editor in chief, points out most of the content on the Web Developer home page is new, and generated by himself or his staffer. Very little is cross-linked from Mecklermedia. Web Developer used to have contributing editors and columnists who still make occasional appearances in shorter articles online.


NetGuide still has a dozen staffers who update the Web site daily, although the editorial staff for the print publication used to be considerably larger.


Since we're addressing Web resources, I want to mention three other sites that provide technical how-to instruction in Web production and scripting. Web Reference is a compendium of useful articles on topics like Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript. Builder.com has a bit more of a news and features approach to building Web sites; it's brought to you by CNET. Finally, Microsoft's Site Builder Network focuses on using Microsoft products, but they give away some great tools and tips. [GF]



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