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GPSy 3.0 Maps New Features

by TidBITS Staff

Directionally impaired Mac users will be relieved to learn of the release of 1 MB download [1].

[1]:" target=_blank>GPSy 3.0, Karen Nakamura's software for working with data from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. With a GPS receiver, a Macintosh, and GPSy, you can pinpoint your location to within 100 meters anywhere on Earth (the GPS system is capable tracking to one sixteenth of an inch, but that capability is reserved for use by the U.S. military; see Karen's article "Feeling Lost? An Overview of Global Positioning Systems," and a review, "Driving Through Trees: Using GPSy," in TidBITS 388). In addition to numerous protocol additions for working with a wide variety of GPS units, GPSy 3.0 adds the ability to view your position using information from several Internet map servers, such as the U.S. Census TIGER Mapping Service and Geocities. GPSy is $50 and available as a Permanent article URL:
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