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Mac/Windows Integration Mailing List

Mac/Windows Integration Mailing List -- Marc Bizer<mlbizer@mail.utexas.edu> has set up the new WinMac mailing list for intelligent discussion of Windows 95/98/NT and Mac OS integration issues among experienced users. Discussion will be actively moderated by Steve Hyman<steveh@practech.com> and will be limited to software issues. Acceptable topics include connectivity, file exchange, emulation, user management, service management, and so on. Comparative usability topics are acceptable in the context of rational discourse, but civility is required. To subscribe, send email to<winmac-on@xerxes.frit.utexas.edu>. Since initial traffic is expected to be heavy, you can subscribe to the digest version of the list by sending email to<winmac-digest@xerxes.frit.utexas.edu>. To unsubscribe, send email to<winmac-off@xerxes.frit.utexas.edu>. [ACE]


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