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MWJ Mac OS 9 Coverage at Fatbrain.com

MWJ Mac OS 9 Coverage at Fatbrain.com -- GCSF, Inc., the publisher of the weekly Macintosh journal MWJ, has made its extensive Mac OS 9 coverage available as a free 76-page PDF file. MWJ's coverage of Mac OS 9 is quite possibly the most complete (and technically detailed) available anywhere. If you've been looking for more depth than TidBITS's coverage of Mac OS 9, this is the reference for you. MWJ's Mac OS 9 guide is free 1 MB download from Fatbrain.com's eMatter service. [JLC]

<http://www1.fatbrain.com/asp/bookinfo/ bookinfo.asp?theisbn=EB00003840>


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